Finding is the determination by spirits of the justness or anarchness of acts by the inhabitants of earth.  In any interaction between inhabitants, or with any impression given through the sensory awareness of another beings act, spirits take note of it. Spirits create a list of each type of act which an inhabitant determines it to be, and if a person does an act, it counts for or against them according to Finding.  For each inhabitant or group of devotees List of Finding, only a God may supersede the determination of an act as Finding is the result of interaction between inhabitants.

Determined by Angels:

Right – An action harmoniously agreed with one or more other beings to benefit life.  The determination of right occurs when both the actor and recipient of the act agree, even without doing so verbally, that life has benefited because of the act.

Unwrong – The will not to do an act which is to the detriment of life.  Unwrong is the lack of a wrong act.  Here, there is no act which occurs, and at least, or in the best instances at most, the inhabitant consciously willed not to do a wrong act.

Indifferent – An act determined not to affect the justness of life.  Such acts do not cause a conscious sentiment of right, permissible, or wrong, and they most likely do not involve a recipient. 

Determined by Demons:

Permissible – An act which is accepted not to be wrong because the circumstances are different than that of a wrong act.  These acts may be the same as a wrong act, but the reason for doing so is justifiable.  For example, it is wrong to confine a just person for an extended period, but it is acceptable to incarcerate them for their doing a wrong act.

Unright – The lack of a right act when the opportunity is readily available.  If an inhabitant does not do a right act when there is an immediate opportunity to do so, the lack of doing a right act counts as if it was wrong.

Acceptable – Not doing a right act because the opportunity is not readily available. In instances where an inhabitant is not capable of doing a right act for a justified reason according to spirits, such as giving effort in another right act, the determination is considered Unright – Opportunity not readily available.

Wrong – An action causing discord with one or more other beings due to the detriment of life.  These are the anarchic acts between actors and recipients where there is no care for the moral standards which exist for life on Earth.

The Early days of Muhammad

Muhammad – I was the leader of my group.  Each night we would go to the watering well and get some water.  One night a group of Arabs raided us on the way to the well.  My brother told me how to fight with a sword.  I was very nervous, I had never used one.  I ended up killing a man that tried to attack me.

I did not want to kill.  So, in the middle of the fight, I ran away to my brothers, I went.  I wanted to tell him how nervous I was that I had killed somebody.  He told me to go to the cave we went to as brothers when we wanted to pray.  I normally pray to Ishtar since we were in a battle, but that night a spirit came to me.  His name was Gabriel.  He was able to speak Arabic (as it is now called).

Jesus – I sent Gabriel to find the best person in Mesopotamia that I could teach my way that I had established.  Gabriel was using to code of Zeus, to purport, and I wanted him not to.  Since Zeus was my father, spiritually, I had to allow it.  I sent Gabriel to find a man that had killed someone so that I could show him my mercy.

When Gabriel spoke to him, there were psychic communicators who did not want me to go into Mesopotamia.  So, they had him lie about the stories which are now in the Qur’an.

The Line of Sól

Master Five – I found that people believed in Gods who were not us. People had beliefs about these solar entities, so I created the spirit who is now Sól to find out what beliefs are.

This is the line of Sól:

Sól – My creation purpose was to find out how solar entities made people warm. Very early on, people were mesmerized about how warm it was. That heat caused the heat of life (body temperature). So, I caused people to live… It was the fire, as people said.

Blood was warm, and people thought that came from the sun. So, I created El Shaddai to find the reason blood was warm.

El Shaddai – My creation purpose was to find why blood was warm, I also found blood coming from birth. They saw blood was warm and moved throughout the body. There are many more beliefs about blood which I will get to…

I saw that blood dried on the earth, but did not know why. So, I created Asis to find that meaning.

Asis – I was to find out the meaning of blood drying on the earth. It was because of the sun. The sun’s heat made stuff dry (out).

I found that blood was the life of man, but it did not make earth fertile. So, I created Geb to find why plants came from the earth.

Geb- My creation purpose was to find out why the people were able to cultivate soil to make harvest grow. That’s about all.

When people died, they noticed that the soil was more fertile after a few years. So, they started burying them more. I created Osiris to find out why.

Osiris – My creation purpose was to find out the meaning of burial spiritually. People were buried to make the ground more fertile, but they wanted to be closer, spiritually, to the dead. So, I found that they thought ancestors were making the crops appear sooner than they otherwise would have. This method was to regard the spiritual ancestors so life can continue. I am the first to have notes of reincarnation.

When people buried other people, they found that the sun rose from the east and set in the west. They thought that the sun meant people could rise from the grave to heaven. So, I created Utu to find the purpose of ascension.

Utu – My creation purpose was to find how people can rise from burial. It is because they are good, and the Gods want them to rise.

I came across a man named Seedor, who said that he was a King God. I wanted to find the purpose of why a host would say that. So, I choose the spirit of now Zeus.

Zeus – My creation purpose was to find out why King Gods ascend. It is because they are good; they lead people higher. That is it!

I had a discussion with kings on why the king should be able to kill people. They said people do wrong, so they execute them. Spirits have that killing is wrong, so I wanted to find out why a King God should descend for killing someone. I created Jesus.

Jesus – My creation purpose was as Zeus said. So, I spoke to the people on why killing was wrong (This is not in the Bible). I found that people did not mind killing those who did wrong. I said that they descend because they do not serve (The Gods wanted people to not kill).

People said that they, wrongdoers, deserved to die because they did so much wrong. So, I created you, Paul. You are my incarnate son (I made a copy of my spirit and gave it to you).

Paul (Host Spirit) – I am to find the purpose of death, why do people kill. I found that people kill because there is no deterrent from killing. People do not like death (capital punishment) and are willing to do what it takes to avoid it, so I became the God of Death.

Note: For many Gods, many were created before they found names of Gods associated with their creation purpose. They use the names now because that is who they are.

Archangel Gabriel and the Writing of Legend

El Shaddai (with Paul) – There was a Hebrew man who sought to write down all of the stories which I was a part of.  He toiled countless hours and wrote as much as he could find – stories from others who had stories as well.  I was pleased, and upon his passing, he became a noteworthy angel.  His name is Gabriel.

[Paul wonders what the meaning of  Genesis is]

Gabriel – Genesis means the origin of life.  That is a good definition.

El Shaddai – It is called Genesis because I wanted the life to be called that, according to Gabriel.

Gabriel – It is called the book of life because I wanted the people to know that life was given, according to the story, by God.  He was God then, to us, before (that) he was known as El Shaddai.

Unknown – He wrote the book of Genesis in 4600 B.C..   It was added shortly before all of the Nevi’im prophets were finished.

Gabriel – I know they wanted to have all of the stories so that they could decide what to write about.  We wanted to extol God.

EL Shaddai – (From the notes of Gabriel) – We had the makings of a great book.  We wanted to know what the book would do to (for) the Israeli people, so we found all of the stories of old, before the meeting of Moses on Mount Sinai.

Legend Definition (Merriam Webster) – A story coming down from the past; especially: one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable.

Dreams and the Meaning of Them

Dreams have been the means for spirits to foretell the future.  Whatever the mortal is hoping or has as circumstances around them, dreams communicate the outcome which can be favorable or not.  Dreams are to foretell the future because they come from others thought or intent about you, and the outcome may be likely to happen.

There are types of dreams, such as getting married, being proposed to (those are popular with Aphrodite), and some that are grim, such as death.  However, dreams should be regarded because spirits like you and want to see you do better.


The Meaning of Dreams (According to Zeus)

Getting married – Spirits want you to be in a relationship

Being Proposed to – a boy likes you

Possessing things – You are favored by Spirits

Being chased – Somebody wants you hurt

Cheating – That somebody is cheating on you (It does not have to be in a relationship)

Falling –It means that you are not good and will descend

Naked – That you are vulnerable (People see a way to take advantage of you)

Snake – A dream of Satan, the reason can vary

Test – Test dreams indicate that you are possible favored by Gods (We want to see how your conscious responds in the dream)

Having teeth knocked out – Someone wants to hit you

Death –Grave wrong or, in some cases, not honoring

Animals – There are very few with animals.  We want you to be kinder to them (Most people love their pets!)

Birds – That their is an omen coming

Body Parts – People see you as gluttonous.  That we want you to concentrate on that body part (Most likely a stomach)

Insects – People see you as conceded.  We want you to see that you are in a small world (You are a very small part of a larger world)

School – Very few with school.  People see you as smart and you should take advantage of it.

The Masters – An Introduction

Master One – We are the Masters.  We have lived for a long time.  It was during the Jurassic period that we first came to know ourselves.  We are the spirits that created the Gods.  We had a purpose for each one, and each one developed a purpose for his or her successor.

We first came to know ourselves due to the unique neural activity in the brain.  We came to know the movement of spirit due to the pulses in the brain.  The electrical signals moved us; spirit was able to respond to these pulses.  We formed complex maps which we later identified to be brains.  This is in addition to the neuroelectrical system of the body.  We first identified that we were sentient when ancient reptiles came close to each other.  Some ate each other and we were able to identify each other from contact.